Email/Text Alerts

Email and text alerts for schedule changes are available from Digitalsports. To sign-up for Email Alerts, CLICK HERE to open the email alert sign-up form. Enter your email in the space provided and press “next”. On the next page, select the sport(s) you would like to receive alerts for. To select more than one sport, hold down the “control” key while clicking. Press the “>” right arrow button then press the “Save my account settings” button. You will receive an email from; click the “Yes, I want to activate…” link to confirm your sign-up.
To sign-up for Text Alerts, follow the same instructions as above, but instead of entering your email address, enter the “email address” for your cell-phone provider where “#” is replaced by your ten-digit phone number. For example, for AT&T, you would enter “” as the “email address”:

  • Nextel –
  • Sprint PCS –
  • T-Mobile –
  • Verizon –
  • Virgin Mobile –

For more detailed instructions or if your cell-phone provider isn’t listed above, click here.