Fall Ball 2016

First games are on 9/11. Stoga pinnies will be distributed the first day. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game time for all games – arrive by 10:15am for first game. Encke and Prevost are fields at Radnor. If a player cannot make a game for any reason, she must let Coach Orcutt know no later than the Thursday before the known absence.
All girls on the roster need a waiver to play. Click here for the waiver.
The last day of Fall Ball is October 30th and we play each other. Teams may be mixed up that day and we will do something fun to celebrate Halloween!

DateTimeHome Away Field
9/1111amStoga 1EAEncke
11amNDA 2Stoga 2Prevost
9/189amNDA 1Stoga 1Prevost
11amSTEPS 2Stoga 2Prevost
9/2511amPWStoga 1Encke
11amAbington 2Stoga 2Prevost
10/28amGarnet 2Stoga 2Prevost
9amStoga 1ShanahanPrevost
10/98amStoga 1NorlaxEncke
8amStoga 2PenncrestPrevost
10/169amStoga 1PenncrestPrevost
10amPWStoga 2Prevost
10/238amGarnet 1Stoga 1Encke
11amAbington 1Stoga 2Encke
10/308amStoga 1Stoga 2Prevost

Stoga 1
Lexi Dechiario
Ceara Sweeney
Lindsey Erickson
Amelia Kienzle
Tessa Kerin
Scottie Rose Growney
Dana Cicchitti
Anne Frascella
Liz Scott
Elisabeth Ingersoll
Maddi Little
Sammi Aufiero
Katie Sedlak
Lauren Burns
Morgan Littlewood
Sydney Sloan
Hailey Klinger
Maddie Wood
Emma McGillis
Madie French
Stoga 2
Paige Turley
Sara Flatt
Natalie Dahl
Lauren Johnson
Anna Hayden
Ashton Bayle
Nia Scott
CC King
Jane Bailey
Liza Bailey
Katie Morrison
Hannah Horgan
Sarah Clark
Jill Jackson
Jenny Updike
Isabella Kese
Caitlin Wood
Carson Snyder
Jordan Zelikoff
Grace Allen
Bella Prieto